Interior Design Tips For Kids’ Rooms

When you were a kid it didn’t matter what age you were, your mind was in another world that could travel to any location and you were free to do anything you wanted to do. Now that you have grown up and your children are grown up they become the next generation and the things they do are parents’ nightmares. There are plenty of things that you can do when decorating the room of your kid, but there are just as many things that you should avoid. Here are some tips:

o Don’t paint the walls with big bright colors. First, your child will probably hate the colors, and second, you won’t be able to get the color of the paint off your walls. If you want to paint a wall a darker color (such as brown, black, or gray) consider a lighter paint that will be resistant to the darker color.

o Don’t use excessive colors on the wall. Part of the problem is the colors that are already in the room. If you wanted a blue room don’t paint the wall a bright shade of aqua because that might be hard to cover up. The best way to cover up the bright colors is with an area rug that is a neutral color (in this case brown).

o If your kids have the dollars, spend extra on a playroom. If you have the money to spend during a tornado, why not allow your kids to have a room that they can use to explore and have fun with their toys while still forced to go to their mandated activities (school, church, and sports)? When they have enough money to play in the playroom you can remove all the toys that they don’t play with and give them neatly stored without taking up too much room in their room.

o In a child’s room, you don’t want two different beds in the room to face each other. Instead allow for a two-bed configuration in a room, one large (triple) sized room for a bunk bed, and another smaller room for a full twin bed. The bunk bed must be close together, and the room should have toys stored away in the play space under the negative space under the bunk bed.

o Avoid using the computer for doing homework. It is very easy for your child to become distracted from doing their homework when they fire up that computer. If you have a home office make sure the electronic equipment in your home office is kept organized with a systematic filing system. If not take on a homeroom with fewer electronics in your child’s room.

o Removing wallpaper that is heavily embossed in your kid’s room will prevent them from sticking to the colors on the walls of the room as they becomePrideouslyinatingkids. Many of them find it hard to see when they are looking at pictures of themselves. You don’t want to have to remove wallpaper that is just stuck on a wall because they are an overactive five-year-old.

o In a kid’s room you want to avoid having two nightstands in a room. One night stand can become a place for their glow in the dark residue left over from the youngest brother or sister.

Finally, as you brush your child’s hair, or tell them to brush their hair, don’t stick your hand out over their head and tell them to brush their hair. Just hang the comb up and let them comb their hair without the help of mom or dad. Just a reminder to remember that once a week it is important to brush your child’s hair.

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