Contemporary Bathrooms Have Al Fresco Looks

You don’t have to break your budget to overhaul your bathrooms. When you think of interior design magazines you see all sorts of bathrooms with funky wall colors, exotic bathtubs, and expensive spa amenities. If you don’t have the money to outfit your bathroom like that, but still want to give it a funky, new look here are a few tips from top designers to turn your bathroom from retro to funky.

Contemporary bathrooms rely on sleek, clean lines rather than ornate motifs. Glass is a wonderful way to add a spacious look to any bathroom without cluttering your space. Stainless steel is also popular in contemporary bathrooms, as it appears modern and clean without being overbearing. Glass shower tubs or shower walls are also readily available in a myriad of colors. The most important feature in a contemporary bathroom is color and lots of color! Pick a palette of deep, bold colors that reflect your personality. One idea for your contemporary bathroom is to go for a serene palette of white, black, and bold colors. Just one wall of your contemporary bathroom should be painted, such as a stark white. Paint the rest of the wall in the shade of darker or brighter color complimenting the light color. You can use lots of texture in your contemporary bathroom by adding linens made of linens, shower curtains, sisal rugs, velvet pillows, and drama with colorful accessories.

Contemporary bathrooms often use natural linens to accent the theme and create a natural look. Luxury showers, made of multi surf fabrics, give an organic feel to the bathroom when combined with clean lines.

Shower pH balanced and free of any residue are paramount to a contemporary bathroom. Advanced shower technology has made it possible to have a shower with virtually no pH adjustment necessary. Choose a shower head with adjustable temperature and water flow. Since contemporary bathrooms are all about free form shapes and textures follow that advice.

While natural fiber towels add to the sophisticated d├ęcor, don’t forget about textural accents such as pillows, glass vases, and metal. targets in contemporary bathrooms are easy to clean and deodorize. Perhaps the simplest contemporary bathroom remodel is a sleekly crafted wall mirror.

Look to nature for inspiration when decorating in a contemporary bathroom, especially color combinations. Nature can furnish you with hues and textures to enhance your space. Look at nice neutral looking neutral grays, tans, light browns, and stone as your base colors. Add pops of color with colored geometric linens in geometric patterns, or install a bold colored window treatment or wall covering.

Contemporary bathrooms work best with an asymmetrical layout. While traditionally one would orderly place the sink, bathtub, and toilet in symmetrical order, contemporary bathrooms feature a more asymmetrical layout. This makes the bathroom appear less clumsy and offers more visual interest.

Lighting is yet another essential in a contemporary bathroom remodel and is used in many different ways. Lighting can be fun, bold accents to your beautiful toilet, bathtub, and surfaces. Lighting can be installed in colorful chandeliers, a gazebo chandelier, a wall sconce, or overhead recessed lighting. Use frosted glass to enhance the lights, or use it as a guideline for your own ideas.

Floors can be more elegant in contemporary bathrooms than in a traditional bathroom. Floors are usually light or dark-colored with minimal decorations. Space is the most important aspect of purchasing flooring, although you might want to use carpeting for the floors, toilets, and sinks.

Last but certainly not least, when you’re considering incorporating a vintage theme into your contemporary bathrooms, start by adding accessories that will give that old world feeling. Vintage pieces, such as an antique bathtub, old claw foot bathtub, or an additional vintage toothbrush holder or soap dispenser will make your guests sure to notice your style and taste.